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9 WordPress Lead Generation Plugins That Will Bring Tons of Quality Leads – ReadWrite



9 WordPress Lead Generation Plugins That Will Bring Tons of Quality Leads - ReadWrite

Alfred is running a successful bakery shop in the prime city square and his on-site business is not only a favorite place for the locals but is quite a talk of the town for tourists.

Alfred launches his online shop through a WordPress website to expand his business digitally after a flourishing on-site business.

But, the results haven’t been satisfactory for him. It’s not that Alfred wasn’t quick on the trigger, but little knowledge of attracting customers to his online bakery shop is giving him a tough time. Are you facing the same problem as Alfred?

We are here for your rescue.

#EyeOpener: It is not only the case of Alfred; 75% of customers never return to a website after visiting it once.

Given the competition in the online market, it’s tough to attain the interest of your targeted audience or quality leads. Lead refers to a potential customer to whom you can make a sale in your business. It can be a person who mailed/ called you for a quote. A person who downloaded an e-book of your product or service from the website can also be a potential lead.

So, to grow your business, you need to generate quality leads.

It means you need to turn your website visitors into buyers or your customers. You want security first. You need to market your product/service in a way that takes your business to the next level. In order to do that, you must maintain your website properly. You may take the help of any WordPress Website Maintenance Company to keep up your WordPress website, so you can keep generating quality leads and turn them into your customers.

As a word to the wise, the epitome of information regarding the ideal WordPress lead generation plugins will work out the best in such a case.

To guide you on the same, we have curated an impactful guide of some of the best WordPress Lead Generation plugins, which are nothing less than goldmines.

1. MonsterInsights

  • User-Friendly WordPress Analytics Plugin

Well! Don’t judge this plugin by its name. It does huge work like its name, Monster (in a good way).

Google Analytics and Google search console are the epitome of information that comes together in the MonsterInsights plugin for WordPress. It is a recommendable plugin that fetches the data and compiles the same into precise and actionable reports which are easy to understand.

The data recorded through this plugin speaks volumes about the activity of the visitors to your website. To acknowledge you about the same, let’s take a deep dive into what Monster insights show you.

  • This plugin provides information on the web pages that receive the highest amount of traffic or visitors.
  • It acknowledges you on the links that receive the maximum clicks out of all you have included on a particular page for the entire website.
  • It gives you a clear answer on the best-performing call to action buttons placed on your website.

#MarketInsight: MonsterInsights is loved by over 3 million users, among which prestigious brands like Subway, yelp, FedEx, and others are also present.

  • Another major highlight of this plugin is file download tracking that lets you keep an eye on the lead magnet’s performance like ebooks. Further, it recognizes the ordinary downloadable files to offer you a track report on the same.
  • You as a business can get an idea of the most downloadable assets and the others that need some changes for better performance.
  • With an idea over which content is welcoming the most convertible visitors via author tracking, you can get an idea about what content your audience likes and how you can grow your site through it.
  • With all such features on the plate, MonsterInsights help you keep updated with the results of the efforts you are putting into your business.


  • Free to use with limited features.
  • Paid version packages starting at $99.50/year

2. Optinmonster

  • Most powerful lead generation plugin

The best-rated WordPress popup plugin, or say the most recommended lead generation software is Optinmonster. It offers you exceptional tools to create email signup forms and popups that will turn out to be highly converting for your WordPress website. The eye-catching opt-in forms lure the visitors and cease their urge to abandon your business website.

  • It further helps in converting your visitors into subscribers and customers that will, in turn, grow your email list optimize conversion rate, and drastically reduce the bounce rate on your website.
  • Including these WordPress plugins will prove to be a bee knee’s approach for your business. You can expect the traction in the rate of quality leads you to get in your business.
  • Quickly deploy campaigns on your site WordPress lead generation plugin can be installed quickly on your website.

#MarketInsight: 1,213,437+ websites use OptinMonster for lead generation.

  • Optinmonster is used to create slide-in, sidebar form, floating bars, spin the wheels pop up, Yes/No pop-up, lightbox pop up, welcome mat pop up, and many more.
  • It has a built-in Analytics tool with which you can track the performance of a website.
  • Every form element is open for testing to check which one would work the best for maximum conversion from headlines, button colors to two different designs.
  • The inbuilt exit-intent Technology works the best to convert your visitor to be a part of your subscriber list by popping up a form when they are about to abandon your site.
  • Segmented email lists can be built with targeted messages on specific pages in all categories.
  • This SAAS platform integrates well with e-commerce platforms, other websites, and Email Marketing Services.


  • The basic plan starts at $9/month.
  • If you want to avail just like yes/no forms and exit intent Technology, plans start from $29 per month.

3. WP Forms

  • Exceptional Drag & Drop Form Builder

WP Forms is one of the most user-friendly contact form plugin ideal for even a beginner.

  • The Drag and Drop Form Builder feature eases off the task of creating eye-catching email subscription forms, donation forms, quote forms, payment forms, contact forms, or any other forms.
  • WP Forms offers you in-built options with beautiful graphs and charts to showcase results for polls and surveys.
  • Forms created by WP Forms are 100 % responsive when opened from any device, be it mobile, tablet, or computer, given to its device compatibility.
  • This plugin includes a template goldmine. Give a spark to any form you create with the creative 150+ pre-built form templates available in WP Forms.
  • High-end spam security helps you to block spam form submissions with the help of a captcha and a Honeypot method in WP Forms.
  • The choice of creating multi-page forms when you require more than one page for surveys and detailed order forms is present in WP Forms. Long-form is split into multiple pages to enhance the user experience on your website.

#FunFact: 4,000,000 professionals utilize WP Forms to build smart forms for their requirements. You too, can start using it through a video tutorial on their website.

  • Smoothly integrate your forms with Mailchimp, constant contact, GetResponse, Drip, and many others to enjoy mail services.
  • Conversational Forms are perfect to increase form completion rates and form conversions. It initiates a real-time conversation-like interface by displaying one question at a time.
  • WordPress database is abode to all the saved entries. It means form entries are managed directly from your WordPress dashboard. WP Forms further allows you activities like marking them read, sorting, delete, or export to a .csv file.


  • Free version with limited features
  • The paid version starts from $39.50/year.

4. Chatbot

  • AI Chatbots at your service

If you like to work out of the box, the chatbot plugin will help you assist your customers round the clock. It is an ideal plugin to create, deploy, and track chatbots all in one place.

  • You can use the drag and drop option to include new elements to create any class of chatbot with the Customised visual builder.
  • Key tasks are automated right away by creating multipurpose chatbots with an easy-to-use builder or pre-built templates.
  • It includes one-click installation and requires no coding or technical skill, or training to get started. Any unrecognized phrases get saved automatically and suggestions are further available on the same that you can add to your stories.
  • Integrate with one click with Slack, LiveChat, Facebook Messenger, and other with open API, webhooks, and Zapier integrations.
  • AI powers every task for better support, engagement, and to sell across different channels. It works in a background that utilizes natural language processing to understand the most precise meaning of the user. Using machine learning algorithms further improves the performance of the chatbot.
  • Encourage the customers to carry on the conversation on your chatbot with interactive responses. From text, images, buttons to quick replies, you can utilize the chatbot platform to showcase the product and services of your brand.


  • Chatbot offers a 14-day free trial to get an insight into its features.
  • The paid version starts at $42/month.

5. Livechat

  • Real-time and prompt live chat plugin

This live chat software shines out with a range of great features. It is a seamless handy chat tool to generate quality leads and further into your customers. It’s easy to use and can easily integrate with several other marketing services.

  • Utilize this plugin to talk with people in real-time. Another highlight of this plugin is that it doesn’t need any login into WordPress for its use.
  • This plugin works seamlessly on any device, be it mobile, laptop, or other.

#PointToNote: If a person tries to contact you through live chat apart from your working hours, a support ticket will be created instead of in your unavailability that you can solve the next day in your working hours.

  • You can start a conversation from your end with an automated message greeting the website visitor. It lures the attention of the visitor to let them know that their query can be directly solved by the support team.
  • Customize the chat window that is most appealing to the visitor and help you grab the attention of the potential leads.
  • If you want to fetch the history of the chat of a particular visitor, you can get the same on Livechat.
  • It also offers the flexibility of including social media icons in your chat group. It can help the visitors give a shout-out to your brand on their social media handles. Brand awareness is thus an added advantage to use this lead generation WordPress plugin.


  • Start with a free 14-day trial.
  • Paid version available at $16/month.

6. All in one SEO

The name of this plugin is enough to tell its story. It has been an assistant to tons of webmasters to combat SEO-related challenges.

It requires no experience to get started! You have to input the correct data in the related fields to get desired results and work done. It is a WordPress SEO plugin that lets you optimize your website so that your content can rank at top positions in search engine results.

  • While using this plugin, you can enjoy automatically generated Meta tags.
  • Any duplicate content is detected easily in your website content which helps you stay away from plagiarism.
  • On-page optimization tools: the powerful tools for page optimization sorts the work of adding descriptions, Meta tags to your pages and optimizing page titles.
  • Be it XML sitemap, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools, and a lot others can be connected with the All-in-one SEO plugin.
  • As you use it more and more, it offers you more control over the SEO tasks through its advanced features.


  • Free to use with limited features.
  • Paid version starting at $49.50/year.

7. OneSignal

  • Notification WordPress plugin

Push Notification to your WordPress website as you use this WordPress plugin so that you don’t miss out on any potential leads. You can send notifications on the desktop as well as on your mobile so that you can instantly cater to the queries or requirements of your aspiring customers.

  • Initiate by creating your account. Further, install the plugin the WordPress plugin.
  • You can also choose to alter how push notifications should be displayed to the visitor.

#FunFact: One Signal sends over 5 billion notifications through their platform every day.

  • Your visitor will see a pop-up just when they are browsing on your website. Once they allow it, they choose to receive any new update from you. It can turn them into your loyal followers and customers.
  • You can create user segments, configure notification delivery at pre-set intervals, and customize the opt-in process for your visitors with live chat.
  • A visitor can choose to get notifications from you if you have anything to inform your customers even after they left your website.
  • This WordPress plugin powers notifications from startups to fortune companies.
  • You can re-engage with your audience to attract them with any loyalty program or reward you are offering on your website.


  • It’s free to use with a limited set of features.
  • Paid plans start from $9/month.

8. Thrive Leads

  • Email list building plugin

In the era where professional communication is the best way to seek the interest of your potential customers, Thrive leads come as a blessing to all. It compels the user to fill out the information, especially the email addresses.

  • Once you get them in your database, you can advertise your products/ services to them in their inbox.
  • This all-in-one list-building solution helps you build conversion focussed forms to capture the data of your website visitor. The drag and drop editor is the best option to design such forms to persuade the visitor.
  • Not only the designs, but the way you want it to arrive in front of the visitor is another highlight of this plugin. Choose a pop-up form, slide-in form, in-line form, or sticky ribbon one to display your email form in front of your visitor.
  • This plugin supports all types of opt-in forms and a huge range of email marketing services.
  • Analysis and tracking of crucial metrics are available on the dashboard.
  • The A/B testing feature is the golden feature in this plugin is ideal for enhancing the rate of conversion.
  • If you are a beginner, the pre-designed templates will provide you a base to get started. Start building your own once you get the experience of which template gets you the best conversion.


  • The paid version is available in Thrive Suite at $19/month.

9. Leadpages

  • Landing page WordPress Plugin           

An excellent way of converting your visitors into loyal customers is by creating extravagant and informative landing pages.

  • Start by choosing an optimized and professionally designed template for lead generation and conversion.
  • You can mix and match any element to design a custom landing page.
  • It helps you create conversion-oriented and mobile responsive lead pages for your website.
  • You can include alert bars, pop-ups, opt-in texts, and more on the landing pages created with its drag and drop builder.
  • The easy-to-read analytics report will help you check the performance of landing pages associated with your marketing campaign.
  • The real-time conversion tips and A/B testing further guides the creator in the right direction.
  • Check out the workflows and add leads automatically to your email list as you integrate your favorite online marketing apps with it.


  • Start with a free 14-day trial.
  • Paid version plans starting at $27/ month.


Get settled for the best choices listed above for generating innumerable quality leads for your online business. It’s high time that you work for the best to achieve a flourishing business.

Image Credit: provided by the author; thank you!

Rajesh Bhimani

Rajesh Bhimani is the Founder of Skynet Technologies, Website Design, and Development Agency. He has 20 years of experience in the Technology and Marketing industry. When he isn’t working, you can find him cooking for his family or reading some fiction.


How to Bypass Bandwidth Throttling: Tips and Tricks for Increased Speed



Idrees Shafiq

Has your ISP been throttling your bandwidth during different hours of the day, and it’s getting on your nerves?

It’s understood how frustrating it may be, especially when your ISP decides to limit your speeds regularly. But, unfortunately, this throttling ruins your online streaming and gaming experience, something no one wants to experience.

Don’t worry anymore! Follow this guide to see how you can bypass bandwidth throttling by your ISP and enjoy seamless network speed.

What is Bandwidth Throttling or ISP Throttling

“ISP Throttling” or “bandwidth Throttling” means ISPs impose limits on connections and cut down average Internet speeds you’re getting without any prior warning or notice. Excessive load and bandwidth distribution challenges are the most typical causes of internet throttling.

These Internet Service Providers not only throttle your internet speed but also track your online activity. They have control over your network, and they can analyze your data packets.

Why Do ISPs Throttle User Bandwidth?

Data caps are the primary cause behind this. If you have a monthly bandwidth restriction that you can’t exceed, your ISP will slow down your connection if you consume too much data.

ISPs also limit customer bandwidth during peak traffic hours to avoid network congestion. This allows them to improve their services and eliminates the need to invest in expensive storage equipment or additional bandwidth.

As reported by Avast, ISPs prioritize the services that are paying them more, and if the user is using those services, then they get the priority and are not throttled. This is especially common with streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, HBO, and Hulu Plus. Conversely, if the streaming provider doesn’t pay the ISP more money, this has deprioritization.

Finally, your bandwidth may be throttled if you’re doing anything your ISP doesn’t approve of, such as downloading torrents.

How To Tell If You Being Throttled

One of the indicators is when you notice that your speed is lowering at regular intervals during the day, especially in the evening or at night when there is likely to be a lot of user traffic on the servers.

You can test your upload and download speed by trying tools like “Speedtest by Ookla” and notice the drops on it. If you keep pushing your service speed at different times during the day, you will start to see the throttling when your speed is low and at other times would be high.

Follow these key steps to see if your ISP is throttling you:

  • First, check if your Internet plan is still active; delinquent accounts may experience reduced service.
  • Disconnect all users from the WiFi router and do speed tests simultaneously.
  • If you download torrents, you will almost certainly experience ISP throttling.
  • Use a reliable VPN provider like Astrill VPN, and repeat the speed tests (with and without VPN).

As soon as you start noticing that your ISP is throttling your bandwidth, jump to the solution that we are about to discuss next:

How to Bypass Bandwidth Throttling

The best and only way of bypassing bandwidth throttling is to use a VPN. Even if you visit a forum like Quora, you will notice that everyone has mentioned VPN as the best solution. This is because when connected to a VPN, your traffic is encrypted, and your ISP can no longer control your bandwidth or track your activity.

When you connect to a VPN server, your IP and DNS are masked, and your ISP is changed. This way, your ISP loses control over your bandwidth. However, your ISP can still notice that you are using a VPN.

The best thing about VPN servers is that they are highly optimized to provide seamless service to binge-watchers and gamers. This is why they provide unlimited bandwidth and have very low ping on their service. So using a VPN will not only bypass bandwidth throttling but also enhance your experience as you will be getting better speed.

Follow these steps to bypass bandwidth throttling:

  1. First, subscribe to a VPN provider having highly optimized VPN servers.
  2. Next, download and install the VPN client or app.
  3. Next, sign in to the app using your credentials.
  4. Finally, connect to a server from the region that you want to access.
  5. Once the connection is established, you can start using the web as you wish without worrying about ISP throttling.

Is it Possible to Bypass Throttling Without VPN?

Without a VPN, it isn’t that easy to bypass throttling, or we can say that the other methods aren’t effective enough. Some additional ways to bypass throttling without a VPN are:

Using a Tor Browser

Tor Browser encrypts the traffic passing through it and through different nodes, securing the user from any external threats. Since the traffic that passes through it is encrypted, the ISP loses its control and is unable to throttle bandwidth and track user activity. However, two things need to be understood over here:

  • Although you are using Tor and your browser traffic is encrypted, your overall network is still not secure. That means the ISP may not be able to throttle bandwidth passing through the browser, but they can still throttle the bandwidth you are using on different apps and streaming services.
  • The speed over Tor browser is very slow, and if you are using it to bypass throttling, you will not have a very good experience.
  • This means that using a Tor browser is not a very good option. It’s a valid option for safe and secure browsing but not for bypassing ISP throttling.

Contacting your ISP

Another option over here is to contact your ISP directly and ask them not to throttle your bandwidth. But, this seems to be a long shot, expecting the ISP to provide you exclusive service.

Switching to a new ISP

You can also switch your ISP and choose someone who provides better service. However, it is highly unlikely to find an ISP that does not include throttle bandwidth. Almost all ISPs out there are engaged in bandwidth throttling because they have to handle the server loads and prioritize users.

Can I use a Free VPN to bypass ISP Throttling?

Free VPNs are a big no! Be it for streaming, gaming, or even bypassing ISP throttling, you cannot trust Free VPNs at all. There are numerous reasons for that, like:

  • Free VPNs keep user-activity logs: There’s a reason why their service is free. They may not charge users for the service, but they keep user activity logs and sell them to their-party sources. This is how they earn and market themselves as a free service.
  • Free VPNs are not safe: The security protocols of free VPN providers are weak, and if you are using them, then you are putting yourself in harm’s way. In addition, they will keep leaking IP and DNS, which means they can’t really protect your privacy nor provide you safety from malware and hackers.
  • Low speed and poor connectivity: Since their service is free, they do not have optimized servers and do not provide unlimited bandwidth. They have specific bandwidth caps and start throttling your connection once you reach that limit.


So by now, you would have understood what bandwidth throttling is, why ISPs do it and how you can tackle it. Using a VPN is the best solution to bypass ISP throttling, and also, the VPN should be premium, not free. Any other means, like Tor, are not helpful in this regard, so stay away from them.

The best thing is that if you use a VPN, you will not only be bypassing ISP throttling, but you will also be protecting your online privacy through it. In these dire times, bandwidth throttling is not that big of an issue compared to the cyber threats that exist online. So stay safe from every possible threat and surf the web anonymously.

Image Credit: by Yan Krukov; Pexels; Thank you!

Idrees Shafiq

Idrees Shafiq is a Content Marketer with diverse experience in the field of digital marketing, particularly at the organic end. He is also an active tech enthusiast with a will to absorb and convey acquired knowledge to the world. In his leisure time, he enjoys indulging himself in a variety of exquisite cuisines for the sake of earthly fulfillment.

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A Complete Guide to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation



Modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Have you ever wondered how certain businesses manage to stay ahead of the curve no matter how many pandemics hit? Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution that combines ERP and CRM to offer the full power of innovative technology. One of its primary benefits is the seamless connectivity across your organizational systems that makes data siloes a thing of the past. In addition, it has predictive intelligence that enables businesses to preempt challenges and predict changes in the market.

A successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation can take your business to new heights.


 Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based platform that combines CRM and ERP systems. It unifies the prime operational areas in a business such as finance, supply chain, retail, HR, Sales, customer service, project operations, field service, marketing, and the entire gamut of operations, through CRM, Finance, SCM, and Business central applications in the platform. These applications can talk to each other and thus help implement best practices as per customer requirements.

Dynamics 365 ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software manages and integrates business processes end-to-end. An ERP implementation optimizes modules such as Finance and Operations, Retail, Human resources, Supply Chain Management, and more:

  1. Finance and Operations: Dynamics 365 Finance automates financial processes and provides better planning tools for back-end operations.
  2. Human Resource: It is an end-to-end employee management platform that handles complex HR functions and saves time, money, and resources.
  3. Retail: The retail industry benefited the most from the ERP implementation as shopping became digital.
  4. Supply Chain Management: A cloud ERP provides the data necessary to monitor supply chain activities and helps companies to keep expenses in check.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation has become a top priority to most SMEs because of its capabilities to digitally transform organizations.

Dynamics 365 CRM

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution serves as a single application to host all the tools of the prime business operations such as Sales, Marketing, Field Services, Project Service Automation and Customer service.

  1. Sales: Dynamics 365 delivers sales process automation for access to insightful customer data and a complete picture of each prospect’s journey.
  2. Marketing: combine sales and marketing modules to automate business processes and to maximize ROI.
  3. Customer Service: Dynamics 365 records all customer communications across several channels, which makes it easy to create more personalized communication strategies with customers. It helps organizations to create, manage and track cases and see them to their logical conclusion.
  4. Field Service: Built-in intelligence resolves service issues and reduces operational expenses.
  5. Finance and Operations: Microsoft Azure caters to unique business requirements across industries and helps businesses thrive in challenging economic conditions without infrastructure worries.
  6. Project Service Automation: Optimizes project management and predicts the profitability of ongoing projects.  

With AI and powerful intelligence tools, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM implementation has helped countless companies across multiple industries grow their business.


A Dynamics 365 implementation enables enhanced performance with advanced features and robust architecture. It integrates seamlessly with financials and business management solutions that are comprehensive and easy-to-use.

  • Connects Internal Teams to a Unified Solution: Dynamics 365 easily integrates with other Microsoft business applications such as Office 365 and Outlook, operations that run on Azure, and third-party plug-ins. Additionally, the entire Microsoft suite of business applications shares the same UI. Dynamics 365 can also be integrated easily with other 3rd party applications using available APIs.
  • Enhanced Communication: With a cloud-based business platform, employees can work from anywhere and anytime, regardless of network accessibility. Employees can stay connected to Dynamics 365 and operate on web browsers available across several devices.
  • Highly Scalable: Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation services use simple yet flexible low-code custom tools to customize views, reports, forms, workflow, and security. It also combines data with AI to produce insightful results. Power users of the application can develop low-code/no-code based apps that help in day-to-day business.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides different deployment productivity tools. Experienced implementation partners can help you leverage these to their fullest potential. Dynamics 365 professionals are essential to analyze business requirements and ensure a smooth implementation. Be sure to select and evaluate the right partner who can fully understand your business challenges. 


Modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 suite of applications includes the following modules:

Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Acknowledging the need for a new Dynamics marketing platform, Microsoft set out to build a new cloud-based marketing automation platform. Here’s what it brings to the table:

  1. Know your leads better: It shares the entire Information about your leads from every part of your business
  2. Personalization and Branding: It helps you develop a coherent brand by providing an easy-to-use email editor, personalized customer journeys, and coordinated information on leads common to different departments.
  3. Insights and actionable feedback: The data analytics feature provides extensive insights about the performance of your marketing strategies.
  4. Configuration and expansion: Basic functionalities of Dynamics 365 can be easily customized and there are several third-party tools available to leverage its benefits.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Dynamics 365 offers actionable insights, better customer engagement, and collaboration capabilities. Benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales:

  1. Efficient sales processes – Increase the work efficiency of your sales team by automating sales processes.
  2. Scalable CRM platform – The cloud-based CRM system provides the flexibility of processes across teams and departments.
  3. User-friendly application – A user-friendly and intuitive user interface enables you to work with more productivity.
  4. Unified systems – All customer processes in one system help you track the entire customer life cycle and offers all customers’ data in a single source.
  5. Fully integrated Power BI solution – The Power BI integration gives you access to intelligent and handy dashboards and reports that save you from cumbersome manual data entry.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central is an ERP platform that can harmonize your business and offer you a holistic view of your organization. Dynamics 365 Business Central is now seeing a 200 percent annual user growth across all industries because of its numerous benefits.

  • All in one flexible and secure solution
  • Financial and project management
  • Helps control costs
  • Most powerful ERP to increase sales and customer service
  • Simplify supply chain optimization

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables companies to offer better customer support and have a clear understanding of their requirements. Furthermore, its artificial intelligence and automation features help businesses prevent and solve complex problems anytime, anywhere and provide personalized services that help strengthen business bonds.

  • Engage with customers across several channels and devices.
  • Helps businesses meet and exceed increasing customer demands.
  • Easily integrates and connects with other applications.
  • Artificial intelligence provides brilliant customer insights.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Dynamics 365 for Field Service enables companies to exchange critical business-related data easily to smooth operations. It deftly manages intra- and inter-team communication and coordination. Built-in intelligence preempts challenges and seamlessly solves them in advance, increasing productivity. In addition, it offers a holistic view of user records and helps personalize customer experiences.

  • Offer a self-service portal and proactive updates to customers
  • Predictive analysis of data resolves problems in advance.
  • No-code visual editors and flexible tools seamlessly manage end-to-end operations
  • HoloLens mixed reality headsets provide maintenance services anytime, anywhere. 

Dynamics 365 Project Automation

It helps plan, execute, and keep track of projects and manages tasks and resources accordingly. In addition, the Project Automation module optimizes project management to keep your time and budget in check. Its advantages include: 

  • Increase productivity
  • Operate in a modern, agile, and flexible platform
  • Intuitively predict project profitability
  • Unified system for project sales, resourcing, delivery, and billing teams

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Finance and Operations apps are enterprise resource planning (ERP) software built on the Microsoft Azure platform for medium and large-sized companies. They offer complete custom ERP functionality for organizations to help them thrive through the tides of changing economic times. They benefit businesses in the following ways:

  • Optimize and automate business processes
  • Plan your finances with ease
  • Make better business decisions with real-time data
  • Deliver exceptional end-to-end customer experiences

Dynamics 365 Commerce

This module combines in-store and back-office operations. It is tailored for the retailers and helps them create innovative shopping experiences. Dynamics 365 Commerce enables customers to enjoy both online and offline shopping experiences. Some of its most prominent features include:

  • Brilliant shopping experiences increase customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and ROI.
  • Adapt to increasing customer demands and manage multiple stores in a unified platform.
  • Intuitive customer insights help increase profitability.
  • Drive innovation with a flexible application that easily integrates with other services and applications.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation for Talent empowers the HR team to hire, train, and retain employees who accelerate results. It integrates with Office 365 and LinkedIn to find the right candidate for the business. It helps the HR team manage the entire recruiting and onboarding process and automates routine tasks such as tracking attendance. It provides the full information employees need in a single, easily accessible portal:

  • Payroll, budget, and tax return management
  • Create employee profiles
  • Holiday and absence tracking
  • LinkedIn Talent Solutions


Implementing Process of Dynamics 365
Implementing Process of Dynamics 365

Step 1: Business Process Review

Careful evaluation of current processes is essential to implement Dynamics 365 without disrupting existing processes. It is the primary step toward a successful implementation.

Step 2: Dynamics 365 Review

Understand the features, functionalities, and capabilities of Dynamics 365 to plan implementation costs, identify performance gaps, and zero in on processes that can be automated.

Step 3: Create a Data Migration Plan

Create a robust data migration plan to ensure a smooth implementation process. Before migrating data, eliminate redundant, inaccurate information to ensure high-quality information and optimum value from your new ERP system.

Step 4: Test Extensively

Test the implementation using a sample database, check whether integrations are in synchrony, and validate system output. Test extensively to identify and weed outperformance or data accuracy issues before rollout.


Different components affect the price of a Dynamics 365 implementation. Therefore, organizations must consider the cost of the implementation including people resources. 

Ongoing costs can include solution version upgrades and ongoing application maintenance. 


Microsoft Dynamics 365 has Three Licence Types to Choose From:

a) Essentials: $70 per user per month

This license entails the following:

  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Jobs/Project Management
  • Warehouse Management 

b) Premium: $100 per user per month

This license comprises the following: 

  • Everything in Essentials
  • Service Management
  • Manufacturing

c) Team Members: $8 per user per month

This license is open to the following: 

  • Read anything within Business Central
  • Update existing data and entries in Business
  • Approve or reject tasks in all workflows assigned to a user, with the limit that approvals and rejections can only update data in records that BC team members can access.
  • Create, edit, or delete a sales or purchase quotation
  • Create, edit, and delete personal information
  • Enter a timesheet for Jobs
  • Use Power Apps/Power Automate Use Rights with Dynamics 365 license

Dynamics 365 Finance – $180 per month per user

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management – $180 per month per user

Dynamics 365 Marketing:

  • $750 per month per organization (A minimum of ten users)
  • $1500 per month per organization (Less than ten users) 

Sales Professional plan –               $65 per user/month

Sales Enterprise plan –                  $95 per user/month

Microsoft Relationship Sales –     $162 per user/month

Customer Service Professional plan –       $50 per user/month

Customer Service Enterprise plan –           $95 per user/month 

These plans come with a 30-day free trial, and many of the paid features are not available during the trial period. Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows users to buy add-on apps that can precisely help organizations meet their business requirements.


Selecting the right Microsoft partner for a smooth implementation and integration is important. DemandDynamics is a trusted Microsoft Gold certified partner that has worked with numerous companies for Dynamics 365 implementation and migrations. It has been providing Microsoft services for years through various business sectors. Its On-Demand Services are popular with clients for its ability to meet technical, operational, and financial goals.

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Aishwarya Nagarajan

Aishwarya Nagarajan

Aishwarya is a Senior Writer at DemandDynamics with a passionate interest in Tech. She authors content that helps companies stay updated about Microsoft Dynamics 365 products. Off the job, she is a traveler and an avid reader.

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Why Online Proctoring is Important for an LMS



This image tells about the features of proctoring software.

Proctoring plays the utmost importance for an LMS. With the implementation of LMS, learning becomes more accessible. Online learning is taking place worldwide. Meanwhile, it’s stressful for educators and learners to keep pace with it.

Secure testing and exams seem challenging to handle in a learning management system. Proctoring software is an intelligent solution for live monitoring of the candidates and secures tracking of tests and other necessary verification.

With increased interest in online learning globally, proctoring software is the need of the future.

What is an LMS?

LMS stands for Learning Management System. A Learning Management System is a software application that offers a digital learning platform.

It includes the management of all factors of a company’s many training programs.

LMS consists of tracking and reporting, learning programs, educational courses, documentation, administration profile, user information, etc.

Moodle, Blackboard Learn, Docebo, etc., are examples of LMS.

About Proctoring Software

Before we discuss other details, let us first understand what proctoring is about?

Online proctoring software is an integrated platform that preserves the online exams’ righteousness by offering the tools that check the identity and behavior of the exam-taker. Furthermore, this software allows the instructor to create online exams and tests in the learning management system with specified rules and security testing to avoid cheating.

It helps keep the online exams’ integrity. Online proctoring software monitors using audio and a webcam. It’s beneficial for the identification of any suspicious activities in LMS. It comes with ultimate features and functionalities. Below are the mentioned features of this software.

Ultimate Features

Many features play a vital role in proctoring for LMS. These features are as follows.

Features of Proctoring.

Multiple Device Detection

There are various types of devices available to students as well as instructors. These devices consist of cellphone, tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. Unfortunately, few proctoring services have reached the point where they can detect multiple devices.

This feature helps prevent other cheating and other doubtful activities. In addition, this feature acts as a bonus point for the instructors. Thus, the multi-device detection feature plays a vital role. It will be interesting to see how further changes and updates take place in the future — also — how the new updates will pan out with additional new functionalities.

There are endless features of proctoring software in the field of technology.

Quick Implementation in Voice Detection

Another feature that shows the advantage here is voice detection. An excellent online proctoring software has the ability of voice detection.

It adds another step in protecting the verification and prevents the cheating process. In addition, the software includes voice detection AI that proves as helpful in reducing false flags. Over-flagging causes stress for not only students but for the instructors too.

The use of robust AI by proctoring allows a stress-free environment for both parties. Among many features of proctoring, voice detection is the major one that is fruitful in Learning Management Systems.

Data Security

Regarding online learning, data security is the top-most priority for any user or in any technology practiced. It offers the privacy of students’ data.

Careful monitoring of a student’s data privacy profoundly impacts students, instructors, and institutions. For proctoring services, protecting the data and maintaining data privacy remains the top-notch priority.

The privacy policies followed tell about the why and how the data privacy needs to follow-up. Data security and privacy are essential because they prevent hacking and leaking of information.

No one wants to see the loophole in protecting the user’s privacy. Thus, the system needs to follow this in Learning Management System Platforms.

Identity Verification

Another essential feature that falls in this category is identity verification. Many proctoring software comes with the feature of identity verification. Identity verification is critical to record the exam-taker’s identity and track fraud activities.

Moreover, identity verification plays a crucial role in proctoring. This ultimate feature makes the proctoring stand apart in the services.

Ease of Use

Another essential feature that falls into the category is ease of use. Most proctoring software comes with the feature of simple working and is easy to handle.

Common Types of Online Exam Proctoring

Online exam proctoring categorizes into four common types:

1. Lockdown Browser – Lockdown browser helps forbid the students from using other websites, browsers, or any applications while taking a test. It stops other functions and keyboard shortcuts as well.

Working on the lockdown browser takes place via the integration with the LMS, and it stops exam-takers from accessing browsers, websites, functions, etc.

2. Live Proctoring – Live proctoring doesn’t include the services like automated proctoring. In general, in this process, live remote proctors keep a watch on students during the examination.

Its working takes place by live remote proctors keeping an eye on students when students sit for the online tests. If any issue persists, remote proctors can intervene. After completion of the examination, live remote proctors make a report of the exam and send the recording to the instructors for further review.

3. Automated Proctoring – Automated proctoring uses AI-related technologies to keep the tracking of students in an online exam.

It works by inspecting the students using AI technologies in the online exam. Then, the recording session review takes place and reports to the instructor.

4. Blending Automated Proctoring and Live Online Proctoring – It offers the advantages of automated as well as live proctoring. But, again, it depends on the institution or organization to decide the standard method that suits them.

Importance of Proctoring for LMS Integration

Now, after looking at the in-depth detail of the online proctoring software.

Many questions arise like:

  • Why is proctoring necessary for Learning Management System integration?
  • How does it act as a fruitful software system for LMS?
  • Or what is the need for online proctoring software in LMS?

Proctoring does consist of great importance for seamless LMS integration.

Online proctoring software is essential and is the need in Learning Management Systems because LMS is a vast platform that consists of its reaches worldwide.

Within incremental increase in the number of Learning Management Systems — online proctoring software is a requirement for them. Proctoring software targets the academic integration, helps scale online programs, provides data protection for suspicious activities — and shows progress in students’ success and improvement.

Understanding the student’s needs and providing them with a convenient online exam experience is essential for all Learning Management Systems.

For the peace of mind of administration and faculty, the proper online exam proctoring must-have software selection.

With well-crafted policies, universities and colleges can maintain their reputation.

But as the interest in online exams is increasing, the LMS platforms need to stay one step ahead in the fastest advanced technologies and keep their reputation on the line according to the industry standards.

Thus, proctoring plays a crucial role in seamless LMS integration.

By selecting the right proctoring software, prevention of cheating takes place, and online courses are provided without degrading their quality.

Right proctoring software system offers the students two key things- the first one is academic rigor, and the second one is convenience.

Requirement in LMS

For those students who remain part of digital programs, online exams are necessary for them to take. In such a scenario, services like proctoring offer the students the convenience of taking their exams anywhere and prepare them for this.

In LMS, it increases the chances of student success. Besides, it provides a stress-free environment for the students, faculties, and administration. Thus, proctoring is essential for LMS platforms.

Also, it is the ultimate need of the future. It is important and helpful in maintaining the integrity of the Learning Management Systems.

Did you know that the federal government’s 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act depicts that the higher education institution with Title IV funding needs to verify the online students’ identity by using at least one mentioned below method:

  • New technologies that verify identity
  • Online proctoring services
  • Secure login and password

The points mentioned above show the importance of proctoring software for LMS platforms.

Working on Proctoring Software

Now, we have a deep understanding of the online proctoring software. But, first, let us understand the working of proctored software.

The software is dynamic and reliable. In general, the whole architecture is operated using a cloud-based system.

It is hard to imagine the working of an online proctoring software without a cloud-based system.

Moreover, there is a rise in online learning programs. Thus, online proctoring software is much dependent on the cloud-based system.

In the beginning, proctoring starts with the authentication process. This software examines the authentication of the examiner.

Also, the proctoring software can terminate the questionable behavior during the examination.

The software “reads” the photo identity of the students while taking any test. Once the proctors authenticate students’ identities — the student can begin the test.

The next step consists of monitoring the candidate during an exam. Again, it comes with an algorithm beneficial for monitoring the exam-takers and flushing out a suspicious activity or doubtful cases.

Last but not least is the data storage and review step. The examination audio and video recording take place, and the information is stored on the cloud. Once the exams are over, you or your team has the choice to recheck the cases.


These steps make proctoring available for those in need who could not access help with their learning programs in any other way — and is essential for LMS platforms.

It is interesting to note about more features it adds in the future. Online Proctoring Software is essential for the LMS platforms and is a current need in online learning. This system and its software have been needed for a long time and will stay in the education industry and be improved both now and into the future.

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